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<p>Get excited, folks, as the roguelike, Dungeon Rushers, is finally headed to mobile at the end of February.</p><p>To give you a quick rundown, Dungeon Rushers is a bit of dungeon-crawling mixed with a bit of roguelike, and tactical RPG, as you fight through various dungeons using turn-based combat.</p><p>If you cast your minds back last year, some of you may remember our hands-on with the game at Gamescom, and it was a real beauty even five months ago. Since then it released onto Steam and received a 'mostly positive' rating, though some of the comments suggested it would work better on mobile.</p><p>Once the 20+ hours of campaign fun is over and dusted, you can also continue to challenge other people in the level editor. Build up your most devious, hideous level and sit and back watch people try to best it. You can also laugh manically while doing so, I won't judge.</p><p>Dungeon Rushers is slated to hit iOS and Android on February 23rd.</p>.

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