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<p>Wanderlust is a narrative focused travel adventure game with some interesting pedigree behind it. Two of the developers &ndash; Artur Ganzyniec and Jacek Brezinski &ndash; have both previously worked on CD Projekt Red's The Witcher.</p><p>It's certainly an interesting pivot, trading fantasy for reality and combat for a light management system. However, both have a strong focus on the story with Wanderlust's developers describing it as a book that's also a game. And you can see there's weight to the claim when you learn there are over 300,000 words in the game.</p><p>The set up to Wanderlust is there are five explorers in a small bistro who are all swapping stories. As they tell each other about their adventures you will assume the role of that storyteller &ndash; having to manage their expenses as well as looking after their mental health.</p>.

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