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<p>It took just over a year, but Foursaken Media has now brought the Silver Award-winning Block Fortress to Android.</p><p>If you're not familiar, Block Fortress is a strange mix of tower defence and first-person shooter in a Minecraft-like world.</p><p>You're tasked with building a base from scratch to defend yourself from the meanies that come to kill you.</p><p>Once you've got your base together it plays like a clunky shooter. Yeah, the construction bit is best.</p><p>In our review, we called it a"quirky mix of Minecraft, tower defence, and FPS elements, Block Fortress makes for an absorbing experience despite some rough edges".</p><p>You can purchase it on Google Play right now for £1.20 / $1.99. It does have IAPs on offer, too, mind.</p>.


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Penalty Kick 2018(MOD (Unlimited Money/Energy, Unlocked All Levels) v34.1629):

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