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<p>How do you fancy a free game to kick off your November?</p><p>Good. The Gold Award-winning puzzler Edge Extended is currently free for a limited time on iOS, you see.</p><p>The idea in the game is to get a cube from one end of a series or precarious isometric platforms to the other. This will test both your reflexes and your logic.</p><p>It's the kind of game that demands you pour every ounce of care into your moves in order to survive.</p><p>However, it also wants you to take risks, going out of your way to collect gems that up your score and movement speed.</p><p>Our reviewer said that it's a "brilliant second outing in the Edge series, brimming with good ideas, and polished to a remarkable sheen."</p><p>Sounds good, right? Better go and download it while it's still free on the App Store, then.</p><p>(It's also on Google Play but will cost you £1.99 / $1.99 over there.)</p>.

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