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<p>Retro console designer Analogue is releasing a slick new Super Nt console capable of playing real Super Nintendo cartridges. Analogue has teamed up with record label Ghostly to present the Ghostly x Analogue Edition of the Super Nt features a minimalist white design and includes a matching SN30 controller with a wireless Retro Receiver.</p><p>The Ghostly x Analogue Edition boasts seven unique boot startup tunes that have been composed by renowned Ghostly International artists like Christopher Willits, Gold Panda, Shigeto, and more. You can preview the tunes here. On the design side of things, Phil Fish, the creator of hit indie game Fez, designed the console’s boot sequences.</p><p>Analogue is only selling 1000 units worldwide for $249.99 and it’s available for sale now. If you’re a fan who absolutely needs this for your collection, you should act soon.</p>.

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