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<p>There's another iOS puzzler on the way from QuickByte Games called Laps - Fuse, and it looks rather interesting.</p><p>Set out in the style of a Solitaire board, Laps - Fuse takes the match-three genre and puts a spin on it. It also adds a dash of basic numeric puzzler just to top it off.</p><p>That sounds like an odd combination but it's an oddly endearing looking game. There's not a ton of information but from the GIF provided, it looks like you've got a certain amount of time to find a home for your selected number.</p><p>You've got to match three of the same numbers so they'll combine to make double their original number (i.e. three twos matched together make one four). The aim of the game is to clear the grid and beat that big ol' centre number.</p><p>The game's currently being tested, so it shouldn't be too much longer until it's out on the market, but we'll let you know either way.</p>.

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